No Restrictions.

She has been nippling her entire 10mL on her own so they have taken off her restriction. So starting today she can take as much milk as she wants. If she is too tired they are still giving her occasional feedings through her nasal tube. When they help her out, they are increasing each feeding by 1mL. She is on a 3 hour schedule 3,6,9,12 around the clock. She was pretty sleepy today and only took 5 or 6 on her own at her feedings, but they topped her off through the tube and she was up to 13mL at her 6pm feeding and tolerating it well.

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  1. Hey Alexis,
    I think about you and baby Allison every day! I pray and think about you too. I hope that baby Alli's recovery is going the strongly in the right direction. <3, Britt