No More Hook Ups

Allison is now officially free from all medicines and gadgets! They took her off of her oxygen, antibiotics, and nutrition IV's yesterday. The only things she still has on her are monitors and her nasal feeding tube for the breast milk she is unable to finish eating herself. It is so nice to be able to see her beautiful face without the oxygen tubing. It is also wonderful not to have to be concerned when you hold her about her special IV line. So truly all that is left before she comes home is to get her taking full feedings on her own. She takes anywhere from 10 to 30mL each time on her own and a full feed for her is 45 to 50mL so she is getting there. Hopefully the day will come soon that she is strong enough to finish her whole serving. With all the breast milk she is getting now she is up to 5lb 12oz! She was 5lb 2oz at birth, so she is growing great. With growth she should gain the strength to eat.

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