First Full Feed 5/5/11

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo Allison ate her first full feeding all on her own! Actually she gobbled down 55mL and a full serving for her based on weight is 51mL - Woo Hoo! She has consistently been taking 25-30mL most of the time now so she is almost there. They took out her PIC line (a special kind of IV) earlier this week, so she was able to have her first real bath on Tuesday. She really liked it! She did not at all care for the wipe downs she had been getting up until now but she loved soaking in the warm water and getting rubbed down. Who wouldn't like that? She now weighs 5lbs 15.7oz - almost 6lbs! Hopefully they will start discussing discharge with us soon. Until then, keep Allison in your thoughts and pray that she continues to do as amazingly as she has.

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