Getting Better

Allison had her follow up with the surgeon last week and the xrays still look good. He wants to see her back in another month. At her last weight check she finally gained what they are expecting from her. The first few weeks she was behind because of the allergies and reflux issues. She is now on Prevacid and Zantac and a special medical grade hypoallergenic formula that we have delivered monthly called EleCare. It's $132 a can! Thank goodness the insurance covers it.
But, I think we are getting this little girl finally figured out because she is finally gaining weight and we are crossing our fingers that it will continue that way. We are going in weekly for weight checks and she needs to be gaining an ounce a day, so 7oz per visit. The last visit she did exactly that. I keep hoping for a visit where she exceeds expectations - but meeting them will do. If over the next month Alli does not meet her weight requirements, her surgeon wants us to consider fundoplication surgery to help her with her reflux. Another surgery is not something we want to go through right now, so hopefully the meds will keep working for her like they have this week. Its been a rough first month home, but things seem to be getting easier - and its definitely better than her being stuck at the hospital.