Minor Set Back

We had a little scare with Allison Tuesday night. She had some bloody stool which is a cause for alarm after all that she has been through. They stopped her feedings and put her back on an IV. They did several x rays and took lots of blood samples and found nothing. They ran a viral scan and did an ultrasound and still came up with nothing. The final say is that she simply had an anal fissure which is very common among breast fed babies since they fill their diapers quite often and abruptly. She is back to eating today, but they are going to watch closely to be certain that her insides are all okay and functioning well. Thank goodness it turned out to be nothing, and hopefully all the poking, prodding, and not allowing her to eat yesterday will not affect the progress she has made with her feeds. Crossing our fingers that she will be coming home very soon!

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