Doctor's Update 04/10/11

This morning we received a phone call from Dr. Gretebeck (Allison's NICU doctor) with an update on baby Alli's condition. She says that she is "tickled" with how well Allison is doing considering her condition. She has been colaborating daily with Dr. Georgeson (Allison's Surgeon) and they are planning on having her surgery Tuesday if things continue on this positive path. Tomorrow they are going to try switching her from her high frequency ventilator to a standard ventilator. The standard ventilation is required for the surgery to be preformed, so hopefully she does well with the switch. It was so exciting to hear that they are planning on surgery so soon since just a day or two ago it looked like surgery could be at least another week out. The CDH repair is the next big step to Allison's recovery, so we are glad to hear they believe she is ready.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear this! Thank you for keeping us posted on how Allison is doing. I hope you are recovery as well! Can't wait to meet her!