Off Ventilation 4/17/2011

Allison is breathing all on her own now. She is such a strong girl to do all that work with just one lung! It is so nice to see the machines that surround her slowly dwindling in numbers. First they took away the Nitric Oxide machine which was dilating the blood vessels in her lungs for her. Next to go was a machine that gave her a drug called Dopamine that kept her blood pressure high enough. As her vitals stayed perfect through these changes, they began lowering the amount of help the ventilator gave her. Next to go was the photo therapy light she had for jaundice and a machine that administered a drug for pain called Fentanyl. And today they took her off the ventilator. What she is still hooked up to are a nasal cannula for oxygen, a suction tube for stomach secretions, and an IV of fluids, sugars, and fats for nutrition. She also receives small doses of Morphine for pain as needed.

Everyday getting to go in and see that one more thing has left her bedside and see how much better she looks is so encouraging. Each day she opens her eyes more and looks better in color than the day before. We can actually hear her little cry now too. The ventilator went down through her windpipe so she couldn't make any sound before. Who knew it could ever be exciting to hear your baby cry?! We are still waiting to be able to hold her, but it is looking like that day will be here soon. I figure it will only be that much more special since we had to wait.

Hoping we will have more exciting news soon. Until then continue to keep her in your thoughts as she heals.


  1. Yay! She is such a strong little one; just like her parents! I cannot wait to come and see your perfect little angel and Jordyn cannot wait to have a little girl to play with. You both will be amazing parents!

    Love you guys!
    Torrie and Jordyn

  2. Oh Lex you look so happy and beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. Love all three of you and will try to come see you soon.

    Love, Jauharallah

  3. Dear Sweet Allison,
    I love you and am so happy to see your sweet little face. You are my sunshine.