Making Progress 4/19/2011

Today was a big day for Allison. She finally got her first sponge bath and was moved from her raised, heated bed for critical babies into an open crib. She had the suction tube removed from her stomach and has been given the go ahead to start small feedings of PediaLite. If the feedings go well they will start her on breast milk. Because her breathing is so rapid with her one little lung, they are uncertain if she will be able to suck and swallow and believe it is likely she will be put on a feeding tube, but they are trying bottle first. Dr. Georgeson (her surgeon) said that babies with defects as severe as hers usually go home on a feeding tube and oxygen. What she needs now is to grow, so struggling to eat and breathe is not something she can afford to do. She uses a lot of energy breathing so getting enough calories is very important. Eventually she will grow out of needing the extra help.

I got to hold her today. Twice! And when Steve came from work he was able to hold her for the first time too. She also went most of the day without any pain medications. What a strong girl! Dad picked out a cute new cap for her to wear with butterflies. I think she likes it very much :) We were told she may be showing signs of possible infection so they started her on some antibiotics and took a blood and urine culture to be on the safe side. Hopefully it is nothing. All in all it was a really great day and a lot of progress was made.

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  1. Just found your blog on CHERUBS.. I am so happy to see how well your baby is doing! Will be praying that she takes to the bottle well and that she doesn't have any suck/swallow difficulties. My Dr warned me that the time post surgery can be the most frustrating - and he was SOO right. Will be praying for Allison and your family.

    Liz Dooley
    Portland, Oregon

    Mama to Finley L-CDH Survivor (8/12/10) and Rowan (8/17/07)