Amazing Girl!

Had our follow up appointment with Dr. G (Alli's Surgeon) today. He looked at her chest x-ray and told me that she is perfect! :) I can hardly believe it, but he said that we no longer need to follow up with him unless we have concerns. Her lungs have properly filled her chest cavity, her heart has perfectly moved into the correct position, and her diaphragm has just the right symmetry. She hardly vomits at all anymore, and is growing great! Her lungs are still fragile so we need to keep her from getting sick, but that is standard pediatrician stuff. So now all she will have are her normal well baby checks with Dr. Prince (local pediatrician), just like any other baby. When she is 1 the cardiologist will see her to make sure the wholes in heart have closed, but other than that we should not have to go all the way to Sacred Heart anymore. Her therapists will continue to visit her once a month to make sure she stays on track with her milestones, but so far that is not at all a concern as Allison has been exceeding expectations. We are so blessed to have such a strong little girl. What an amazing come back! Allison is the most amazing girl!

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  1. That is a fantastic update!!! I am thrilled for you guys!
    Auntie Lisa