Diagnosis 12/21/10

On December 20th we had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound. It was very exciting to get to see our baby so well developed and squirming around on that big screen. The sonographer lead us through most of the measurements and angles that she was looking over. She told us that we had a little girl. I noticed that she was taking extra care to photograph parts of her chest, but thought nothing too much of it since this was my first pregnancy. I figured that the anatomy in there always needed a close look since it is so vital. She asked when we would be visiting again with the doctor. Our monthly check-up followed the ultrasound the following day. She printed us some pictures and we went out for a celebratory/early anniversary lunch and called everyone to tell them the news of our little girl. My mom picked me up and we did a little early shopping for some little girlie outfits. Everyone was so excited through to the following morning.

My doctors appointment was at 10 am. Steve decided not to attend this appointment since we figured they would simply be checking my weight and blood pressure and asking how I was feeling. This is the first appointment Steve had missed which is great considering his rough grave-yard freight throwing job. The appointment the day before was the one he did not want to miss and of course he didn't. I went in and it seemed like any other appointment. They checked my weight, took my blood pressure, and the doctor came in to chat. She asked how I have been feeling just as usual. She then pulled out the ultrasound information for us to go over. "We found an anomaly on your ultrasound." At this point I was not too scared, but mildly concerned. "It is very serious." Here is where I lost it. The tears started flowing. "Your little girl has a hole in her diaphragm that has allowed her stomach to move up and prevent her from having normal lung development." I asked as many questions as I could between bouts of sobbing. "I can no longer be your doctor. We are referring you to a specialist at Sacred Heart for a closer look." She was as caring and positive with her heartbreaking information as she could possibly be.

I raced home to tell Steve the news and we laid in bed distraught waiting for the phone call from Sacred Heart. They called and had me scheduled for the entire following day to see counselors, the perinatologist ( high-risk OB), and a neonatal doctor. My mom came over to comfort me and we picked up some Noodles Express for dinner to try and keep depression away. I did not sleep at all that night and a long day was to begin at 8am.

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